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The easiest way to build custom portals and tools with your data — just a few clicks, no coding required

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Secure Cloud-Based Storage and Management

Collaborate within workspaces, share files securely, and facilitate document signing, seamlessly integrating with your preferred platforms.

Flexible, granular permissions for individual users or groups.

Softr uses server-side authentication to protect your data. With granular permissions ensure only designated users view and edit the right information in your portal, while everything is securely stored in your database.


Softr integrates with over 20 popular tools, spanning payment gateways, real-time communication platforms, collaborative tools, analytics software, and project management solutions. Among these integrations are Stripe, Dropbox, Google Docs, Makre, Zapier, Hotjar, Typeform, and Intercom.

Customizable user interface and back-end

Turn your databases and spreadsheets (Airtable, GSheets, Hubspot and more) into modern client and partner portals. Customize branding, design, and user access, and let your clients or partners self-serve through it.

Custom form builder

Create forms to streamline the client intake process, offering a variety of field types and seamlessly transferring responses to platforms like Airtable through Zapier or Make/

On-page profile and listings editing - CRUD functionality

Empower users with CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) functionality, allowing them to edit profiles and listings directly within the portal interface.

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