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As powerful as Airtable is, most users will agree that Airtable is lacking in the front-end, access-controlled capabilities of data.

In this video, we collected the best practices for creating a front-end for your Airtable data. Each approach is accompanied by its inherent advantages and disadvantages, along with real-life examples.

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0:00 - 5 Main Reasons Why You Should Build a Frontend for Airtable
1:25 - 4 Approaches to Building a Frontend for Airtable
1:30 - Softr: The Ultimate Frontend Solution for Airtable
2:16 - Airtable Interface Designer, the Native Option by Airtable
2:47 - Airtable Extensions from the Airtable Marketplace
3:19 - In-house solution
3:44 - Examples of Frontend Applications You Can Build Using Airtable Data

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Create an Interface for Your Airtable Data (with Real-Life Examples)

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