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In this tutorial, we'll guide you through using Airtable as your ultimate CRM tool.

As a no-code database, Airtable is a popular choice to use as a CRM because it gives you the flexibility to customize your workflows and how you store information, including tracking interactions with customers, managing leads, and following up on sales opportunities.

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0:00 - How to use Airtable as a CRM
0:19 - Starting with an Airtable CRM template
1:19 - Starting from scratch
4:42 - Taking it a step further with Softr

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Softr is the easiest, fastest no-code platform for building business apps, like portals and internal tools— without coding. Used by over 400,000 teams, and Fortune 500 brands like Google and Universal.

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How to Build a CRM in Airtable (+ Free Template)

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