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Learn how to build a client portal for your agency. Sign up for Softr and get your Free trial using this link:

00:42 Getting Started with Softr and selecting a template
01:08 Selecting a client portal template
01:53 Connecting Google Sheets - Copying data from Google Sheets to Softr and creating an application
03:15 Previewing the Application - Previewing and navigating different pages in the client portal
03:24 How to bring in your own database
04:00 Adding a dynamic block - Adding blocks and data sources to customize the client portal
04:39 Connecting your own data source
05:25 Mapping fields in the application
00:04:04 Adding Blocks and Data Sources
12:39 Adding static block
13:45 Reviewing Theme section
14:02 Users
17:14 Settings
19:00 Preview the Application
20:30 Page Rules
21:37 Publish Application

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How to Build a Client Portal for Your Agency

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