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Salesforce Vs Marketo

The level of competition in the marketing automation sector is increasing as many businesses adopt digital marketing strategies. At a compound annual growth rate of 13.9%, Markets and Markets forecasts that the size of the worldwide marketing automation market will increase from $3.3 billion in 2019 to $6.4 billion by 2024. This is a growth rate from 2019.

The primary forces behind this development are the need to automate marketing procedures and duties, increased demand for personalization, continued client loyalty, and predictive lead scoring.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Marketo are two platforms that frequently cut the evaluation process carried out by marketing departments. Marketo and Salesforce Marketing Cloud, formerly known as ExactTarget and an application for email marketing, are compared head-to-head in this article to determine which platform is superior to the other.

Salesforce Vs Marketo
Salesforce Vs Marketo

Salesforce Overview

Salesforce, one of the leading CRM providers in the world, offers a comprehensive marketing automation solution called Salesforce Marketing Cloud. The platform is geared towards small to medium-sized businesses and midsize enterprises looking to improve their digital marketing efforts through personalization and customer segmentation. It features tools such as cross-channel and multichannel capabilities, audience management, and content personalization.

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Marketo Overview

Marketo is another popular marketing automation platform that helps businesses with digital marketing strategies like email campaigns, lead nurturing, website visitor tracking, and CRM integration. It features an intuitive user interface (UI) that makes it easy to create cross-channel and multichannel campaigns and track results. Marketo also has built-in solutions for search engine optimization (SEO), social media, mobile marketing, and advertising automation.

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Salesforce Vs Marketo: Comparison

Salesforce Vs Marketo
Salesforce Vs Marketo

1. Data Management

The Marketing Automation process is heavily dependent on the data that is provided. To function correctly, the data acquired from various sources must be fed into your marketing automation platform automatically and manually.

An automated platform should make it simple for you to handle your data because organizations today are responsible for various digital channels (such as a website, applications, social media, kiosks, and so on).

Salesforce Marketing Cloud outperforms Marketo when it comes to the management of customer data. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud is ideally suited for managing vast and complicated data sets, which enables extensive segmentation to run more focused campaigns.

APIs and Marketing Cloud Connect may be used to input data into Salesforce, and the platform can be coupled with several different external sources. Marketo is useful for managing relatively straightforward data. The data is stored in a single database that Marketo CRM refers to as the "leads" database, and the CRM treats all of the data as leads.

2. Content Management

The effectiveness of your marketing initiatives is directly proportional to the quality of the content you provide. You should easily create, manage, and personalize your content if you use a decent marketing automation platform.

It should make it easy to make rapid changes to your material, add individualized components, and build it to cater to your particular requirements.

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Marketo are platforms that make managing content simple. Both offer access to WYSIWYG editors, making the content generation process much more straightforward.

On the other hand, if you are the sort of person that enjoys coding and wants to edit the codes embedded in the material, then doing so with Salesforce Marketing Cloud is comparatively more straightforward. In Marketo, gaining access to HTML or CSS codes might be challenging.

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3. Campaign Design

Campaign management (or design) has become an increasingly important component of a marketing automation platform due to the increased emphasis on customer experience, personalization, and conversion.

The ideal platform for digital marketers would be one that would make the creation of individualized campaigns quick and painless. They can meet clients at various touchpoints, another benefit of having numerous channels involved in the campaigns.

Marketo's campaign management features are "engagement programs," whereas Salesforce is called "journey builder." Salesforce provides a representation of the entire journey from beginning to end. This encompasses a variety of channels (emails, Social & SMS, etc., with a drag-and-drop interface).

Emails are given significant attention in Marketo's "engagement initiatives." Through customization, other channels may be added to the campaign. Therefore, if you want to conduct campaigns across many omnichannel or multichannel channels, you should consider using Salesforce Marketing.

4. Usability

Additionally, marketing automation tools have to be simple to operate. There is a constraint on the time members have to train and become familiar with the system. Key elements should be easily accessible, the platform should be simple, and tasks should be straightforward. These are the main components of a modern marketing platform. The ease of use should not be compromised.

Both the Marketo and Salesforce user interfaces require some getting accustomed to before becoming second nature. Marketo is considerably superior because all of its essential features are accessible in a single location, which makes it simple to carry out any task.

Both of these marketing automation systems provide various capabilities that can be tailored to match the requirements of any marketing team. However, if you want to manage complex data at a large scale or run campaigns across multiple channels, then Salesforce Marketing Cloud would be the best option for your team.

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Salesforce Vs Marketo
Salesforce Vs Marketo

So, which CRM is the best for your business? The answer to that question depends on what you're looking for. Salesforce is great for data management and offers many features in its content management system. On the other hand, Marketo is more user-friendly and perfect for designing campaigns.

Ultimately, it all comes down to what you need to achieve your marketing goals. If you're not sure which CRM would be best for you, our team can help! We have experience with both Salesforce and Marketo and can provide expert advice on which CRM would work best for your business.

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