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Hello Everyone,

Hope you are doing well. It's been over 2 years since came into existence and this has been an exciting journey to say the least.

In these couple of years of working with multiple clients, we as designers found it extremely difficult to collaborate with developers, especially during the design review process post-development. So, we decided to solve this!

Present Scenario:
When a design is being shipped for development, a lot of time it doesn't follow the design guidelines perfectly causing a lot of back and forth between the designers, clients, and the developers. This even causes delays in project launch many of the time and requires a lot of catch-ups and becomes difficult especially when people are working remotely.

Currently, the client takes screenshots of websites and paste them on word file and share their feedback. This feedbacks later needs to be passed on to the developer which again will give the latest version to the client to review. This process is however very much time consuming and frustrating and cost a lot of money and time to the clients.

Ruttl allows the users to upload the staging page links and let the clients or stakeholders give feedback in the form of comments which can later be resolved by the developer once done. Another feature is where users can themselves make changes in the live version using tools we created thus remove entire dependency from designers in order to get to the final output.
Do give it a look and let us know under the comment section if you have any suggestions.

Ruttl Demo Video

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