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The fastest website feedback tool that allows you to leave comments on a live website and make real-time edits so you can give precise change values to the developers. You can also review mobile apps and have live chat with your website visitors.




Ruttl stands out as the swiftest website feedback tool, enabling users to provide feedback directly on live websites and apps while making real-time edits. This allows for precise communication of change values to developers. In contrast to the conventional method of reviewing fully developed websites, which involves taking screenshots, marking design issues, and compiling them in a Word document or engaging in lengthy meetings with developers to implement changes, Ruttl offers a more efficient alternative. The average time required to review a page using traditional methods is 3-4+ hours. Ruttl, packed with robust features, empowers users to add comments, edit content, track bugs, replace images, and make design changes to web elements. It has revolutionized the process of providing web design feedback, becoming the preferred tool for designers, developers, and agencies globally.

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