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BuildShip is a lowcode visual backend builder that lets you ship APIs, scheduled jobs, backend cloud functions instantly. Powered by AI, create your own workflow nodes, connect to any tool, database and create scalable backend for your apps.




BuildShip is a low-code backend builder powered by AI - to build your app’s complete backend visually right from the browser. With BuildShip, you can create powerful APIs, Scheduled tasks / CRON jobs to perform database CRUD operations, and combine any tools and AI models effortlessly in your backend workflows and ship them scalably.

BuildShip has a large community of builders, join their Discord chat to collaborate and get support as you build your ideas.


BuildShip offers 100s of pre-built nodes to popular platforms like Sendgrid, WhatsApp, Firebase, Supabase, Postgres, and AI models on OpenAI, Replicate, Hugging Face, etc. However, if any integration is missing you are not stuck! You can generate any node using AI. You can even use custom code with any NPM package.

BuildShip is a great option as a backend for your apps built on no-code tools like FlutterFlow, Bubble, Bravo Studio, WeWeb, Toddle, etc or apps built on frontend frameworks like Next, React.js, Astro, Vue.js, etc.


Give BuildShip a try, especially if you are hitting the limits of your current no-code tools or you are a developer who wants to build ideas fast without having any coding limitations.

Reasons to consider BuildShip in your low-code / no-code stack

  • BuildShip offers the most flexible and powerful platform to build APIs and backend workflows exactly the way you want.

  • 100s of pre-built integrations, from popular AI models like OpenAI text generation, Vector embedding, Sythesia video gen, image gen using Stable Diffusion, or literally use any AI model on platforms like Replicate, Hugging Face, etc., or even the ones that will launch in the future!

  • AI-Generated Nodes: You are not limited with pre-built nodes or the platform. Start from hundreds of pre-built nodes, but if something is missing - don’t wait for BuildShip to release an integration! Simply ask AI and it generates a custom workflow node just for you.

  • Custom code, readily use any API or 1M+ NPM packages: You can use any NPM package in the workflow node or ask Ask AI to use an NPM package and generate a node for you.

  • Code made accessible - anytime you want: BuildShip is not a black box, you can open the code of any node, tweak it any way you want. Use powerful developer tools like logging, version control, a code editor equipped with autocomplete, a lightning-fast debugger similar to localhost, and a secure sandboxing environment.

  • One-click deploy: When ready, hit “ship” and get your backend workflow deployed instantly!

  • Start fast with templates: We have templates featuring chatbots, music generators, reverse image search using Google Vision API, Vector DB search, HTML to PDF converter, and more!

  • They are the team behind - a popular low-code tool for managing Firestore data and building low-code style on Firebase and Google Cloud. They have a great community already building with low-code and the team has been shipping products fast to help and solve products of the low-code community.

  • The team is part of the first batch of which has backed top emerging AI companies and their investors include Vercel CEO, execs from Figma, Google, Github and more.

What can you accomplish with BuildShip

  • You can create powerful and scalable APIs, scheduled jobs and backend tasks

  • Integrate with any AI model or tool to build out any idea.

  • Integrate with popular tools like Stripe, Sendgrid, Firebase and much more.

  • You can build chatbots, music generators, reverse image search using Google Vision API, Vector DB search, HTML to PDF converters, and much more!

Top features of BuildShip

  • Visual backend builder with instant deploy

  • AI generated nodes builder

  • Large number of pre-built nodes and templates for popular usecase - fully editable and extensible

  • Code editor supports javascript, typescript - equipped with autocomplete, a lightning-fast debugger similar to localhost, and a secure sandboxing environment.

  • Supports usage of NPM

  • Support both SQL and NoSQL database

  • Clone workflows and nodes from one project to another

  • Multiple project support, add ons, dedicated support, version control and custom domain available on paid tiers.

  • Free 10GB storage

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