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Generating SEO-friendly Blogs from YouTube Videos Using BuildShip and AI

This video tutorial demonstrates how you can generate high-quality, SEO-friendly technical blogs directly from a YouTube URL using BuildShip and AI. The tutorial details how to navigate the user interface, choose a template, set specific parameters, incorporate the YouTube caption extractor node, and use the OpenAI GPT text generator to generate a blog post from the video's content. The video also covers how to add optional SEO keywords, test the function through Hoppscotch API tester, and even adapt the function to create international content.

00:00 Introduction to YouTube URL to Blog Template
00:21 Navigating the BuildShip Platform
00:37 Setting Up the Blog Generator
00:42 Understanding the Nodes and Parameters
01:49 Using the OpenAI GPT Text Generator Node
03:06 Shipping the Blog Generator
03:15 Testing the Blog Generator with Hoppscotch
03:43 Adding Internationalization to the Blog Generator
04:24 Conclusion

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Youtube URL to SEO Blog with No Code API

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