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This video covers a NEW AI Agent Creation Platform that Will Blow Your Mind! The launch of Zapier Central might just be a Custom GPT Killer, thanks to its new no-code AI Agent builder. This new platform makes building AI agents easy for anyone without coding by using Zapier's huge catalogue of apps, now connected seamlessly with AI.

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Hi! My name is Liam Ottley and Iโ€™m an AI entrepreneur, creator of the AI Automation Agency model and founder of my own AI Development and Automation Agency: Morningside AI ( Youโ€™ve found my YouTube channel where I help other entrepreneurs wrap their heads around AI and take advantage of the AI opportunity!

On this channel we're all about building real businesses, building real skills and making real money in order to create a life you truly love living. I post new videos weekly showcasing ways to build powerful AI systems for businesses that you can sell (or implement yourself!), learn key skills required as an AI entrepreneur and breaking down how you can start and scale your own AI Agency to dive into the exciting world of AI business.

0:00 - Intro
1:22 - What is Zapier Central?
4:41 - Live Build
15:11 - Limitations
16:13 - Place in the AI Landscape

This NEW AI Agent Creation Platform Will Blow Your Mind! BYE GPTS...

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