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Our new webhook feature allows you to click on an item → send a webhook to any REST API to perform complex automation.

Examples include:

- Click on an Invoice record in Softr app → Create an invoice in Stripe to the associated client
- Click on a Lead record in Softr → Update status in Pipedrive/Salesforce
- Click on a File record Softr → Attach the record URL the associated client’s project in Clickup/Monday/Asana/Notion
- Click on a Customer request record in Softr app → Send notification to Slack and email
- Click on an Inventory record in Softr app → Trigger Zapier/Webhook automations (using their “Webhook” trigger)

To utilize webhooks, users need a business plan or above, and can implement this functionality in specific blocks including:

-Item details

Start building with webhooks now ⇒

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00:00 Introducing Webhooks: Transform Your Workflow
00:19 Meet JJ: Your Guide to Webhooks
00:23 Understanding Webhooks: The Basics
00:56 Getting Started with Webhooks in Softr
01:16 Step-by-Step Guide to Using Webhooks
02:01 The Power of Webhooks in Automation
02:14 Closing Remarks and Invitation for Feedback

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About Softr:
Softr is the easiest, fastest no-code platform for building business apps, like portals and internal tools— without coding. Used by over 400,000 teams, and Fortune 500 brands like Google and Universal.

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Softr's New Webhooks Feature! Trigger REST API Calls ⚡️

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