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Wow! 5000+ entrepreneurs, designers, developers and hobbyists in the Wix Wiz community!
I couldn't be happier to have you aboard - and to show my appreciation I will be going LIVE next Thursday (5/16) at 10am EST to build a weather app together using Wix Studio and OpenWeather API.

While building the app we will learn about:
1. Responsive design in the Studio Editor
2. Integrating 3rd Party APIs into Wix
3. Leveraging Velo APIs to enhance site functionality

This session will be live an unrehearsed so get ready to take chances, make mistakes, and get messy!

If you don't have a Wix or OpenWeather API account yet I recommend signing up in advance:
(Make sure to confirm your email)

There will also be some time to ask general questions about Wix and Velo.

New to Velo? Try my new Velo for Beginners course now on Udemy!

Have an idea for a video? suggest it here:

Have questions? Join the discussion:

Want to have joint coding session? Book one now:

Have questions? Need some magic done on your website ASAP?

Follow along on Twitter @thewixwiz
Facebook page:
Facebook community:

LIVE: Let's Build a Weather App with Wix Studio and OpenWeather API

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