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Website Builders

Wix Studio

Wix Studio

The web creation platform built for agencies.

Website Builders



Code-free animations, endless creativity:

Start with smart presets built into our responsive editor and customize each effect to fit your vision. The possibilities are limitless with options for scroll, loop, click, hover and more.

Create signature experiences with custom CSS:

Add unique styles and animations with CSS access. Make components interactive by handling style changes at runtime and streamline your process by applying global changes.

Set your vision in motion with no-code animations

Choose from smart presets and tailor them to your exact specs with options for scroll, loop, click, hover and more.

Set complex responsive behaviors with AI

Create more intricate relationships between elements to optimize sections, with the click of a button—and tweak as needed.

Develop and sell your applications

Use the Blocks workspace to build widgets and interactive components. And monetize them on our app market, with an audience of 245M+ potential customers.

Native business solutions, fit for every project

Cater to every industry with our advanced solutions—from eComm to events, bookings and more. Need specific logic? Extend the suite with 100s of APIs and integrations.

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