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Today, you will learn how to create an AI-powered app that helps automate your hiring process. This app leverages AI to extract information from resumes, generate summaries of candidates' background and expertise, identify specific skills, and categorize candidates based on their expertise level.

With AI taking care of the repetitive tasks, you can focus on the parts of the hiring process that require your experience and judgement, making the evaluation of hundreds of candidates faster and more efficient.

In just six simple steps, you can automate your recruitment process and save valuable time.

Step 1 guides you through setting up the project on, creating a new app and selecting a data source.

Step 2 shows you how to extract text from resumes using Glide AI, eliminating the time-consuming task of opening and reading each document individually.

Step 3 demonstrates how to generate a brief summary for each candidate, allowing you to easily access their important information at a glance.

Step 4 teaches you how to identify candidates with specific skills, using the 'Text to Boolean' function. In this example, we search for candidates with a Master's degree.

Step 5 introduces the 'Text to Choice' function, which categorizes candidates based on their expertise level, such as Junior, Senior, or Manager.

In Step 6, you customize the UI of your app using pre-made components, such as a collection, title, hint, field, and more.

Once your app is customized, you can deploy it by clicking on 'Publish' and start using it right away.

By following this tutorial, you will be able to create an AI-powered app that streamlines your recruitment process, allowing you to evaluate candidates quickly and efficiently.

So, why wait? Start building custom software that fits your business needs at and make your business more efficient than ever before.

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How to automate your hiring process with AI - No Code Tutorial

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