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Create Your Own AI-Powered WhatsApp Nutrition Assistant with BuildShip!

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WhatsApp bot documentation:

Create Your Own AI-Powered WhatsApp Nutrition Assistant with Bill Ship!
Imagine having a personal WhatsApp nutrition assistant to track your daily habits, calculate calorie intake, and more. In this tutorial, we'll demonstrate how to build and customize a WhatsApp bot using BuildShip and the official WhatsApp Business API from Meta.

Chapters ๐Ÿ“š
00:00 Introduction to Your WhatsApp Nutrition Assistant
00:28 Demo: Logging a Meal with the WhatsApp Bot
01:11 Building and Customizing Your WhatsApp Bot
01:41 Setting Up the WhatsApp Business API
02:36 Verifying Webhooks and Setting Up the App
05:54 Configuring the WhatsApp Bot Workflow
07:57 Understanding the Workflow Nodes
12:49 Retrieving Data from the Neutral Bot Table
14:12 Understanding the OpenAI Assistant Node
14:45 Configuring the OpenAI Assistant
16:52 Setting Up the User Prompt
17:59 Logging Entries with the Assistant
19:44 Finalizing the Workflow
21:20 Testing the WhatsApp Bot
23:07 Important Details and Conclusion

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Build WhatsApp AI Assistant ChatBot with Custom Data - in Minutes with No Code

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