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BrandVox - comprehensive omnichannel social media intelligence tool with social listening and posting. Tailored for multi-brands companies, agencies and freelancers.

BrandVox collects data from popular social networks and provides valuable insights into brand marketing strategy, allowing users to keep all important business metrics under control.

What you receive:

Social Media Insights
Comprehensive, easy-to-understand dashboards with all crucial social media metrics.
Audience Insights (age, gender, geo, sources, growth)
Hashtag performance analysis.
Content analysis (text styles, emotions).
Posting insights (day, time, best formats).
Comparative reports and benchmarking.

Content strategy helper
Text analysis feature: defining tone of voice, emotions, complexity, and predictive performance score in your texts.
AI-powered content plan creation feature based on your previous performance and audience's preferences.
Hashtag suggestions.
Simple unlimited post scheduler with labels for content organising.

Social listening
Social listening: monitoring mentions and tags in real-time.
Sentiment detection (positive, negative, neutral) and emotion detection (over 30 emotions).
Intensity detection helps prioritize reactions based on predictive reputational damage.
Insights about mentions: mention coverage, dynamics, topics.

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BrandVox. Your social media analyser for perfect performance

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