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The AI-powered developer platform to build, scale, and deliver secure software.

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The tools you need to build what you want.

Collaborative Coding

  • Contribute to projects quickly with automatic environment setup.

  • Make sure you see the changes you care about.

  • Build community around your code.

Automation and CI/CD

  • Automate everything: CI/CD, testing, planning, project management, issue labeling, approvals, onboarding, and more.

  • Standardize and scale
    best practices, security, and compliance across your organization.

  • Get started quickly with thousands of actions from partners and the community.


  • Secure code as you write it. Automatically review every change to your codebase and identify vulnerabilities before they reach production.

  • Understand and address any vulnerabilities in your open source dependencies.

  • Automatically detect and deactivate secrets committed to your repos.

Client apps

  • Take GitHub with you on any connected device.

  • Skip the visual UI with a quick, powerful text interface.

  • Access GitHub from your macOS or Windows desktop.

Project Management

  • Keep feature requests, bugs, and more organized with GitHub issues — engineered for software teams.

  • Coordinate initiatives big and small with project tables, boards, and tasklists.

  • Track what you deliver down to the commit.

Team administration

  • Simplify access and permissions management across your projects and teams.

  • Update permissions, add new users as you grow, and give everyone the exact permissions they need.

  • Sync with Okta and Entra ID.

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