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In this Framer tutorial, you'll learn how to create a mini waitlist website with Framer and Airtable. I'll show you how to build the Framer website from the ground up, and how to connect this website with Airtable to start collecting your potential customers' emails. After watching this video, you'll have your mini waitlist page up and running, without writing any code.

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0:00 - Introduction
0:35 - What is Framer?
1:08 - Export your logo
2:11 - Inserting the logo
4:42 - Adding the text
6:36 - Creating the button component
10:36 - Social proof section
16:31 - Adding breakpoints
16:55 - Shoutout to Fons
17:28 - Fixing the button
18:10 - Overview of Airtable
19:21 - Creating a new table
19:39 - Adding fields to the table
21:24 - Creating the form
25:00 - Connecting the form to Framer
25:25 - Publish the website
26:53 - Exporting your email list
27:20 - Adding analytics to the table
28:32 - Custom domain for Framer website
33:30 - Important message

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Waitlist Site With Framer + Airtable (FREE & No-Code)

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