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In programming, app design, and in Bildr, you're going to frequently want to temporarily store values you need to help you create the experience you want.

Page Variables are a key way to do this, and Bildr makes setting them, and using them throughout your application easy.

There are a variety of followup videos to this video.

Further understand videos:
Setting & Clearing Variables -
Choosing a target page for variables -

Use Case examples:
Using Variables to in actions to set elements & perform logic -
Binding Variables to Elements in the Studio -
Automatically Existing Variables in Repeating Lists -

00:00 Intro to Variables
00:12 What are Variables
00:23 When you leave a URL, a variable is erased
00:34 Local Storage & Cookies call out
00:56 What we'll cover in the series of variable videos

What is Bildr?

Bildr is a no-code studio for creating full-stack webapps that scale. Create anything from Airbnb, to Facebook, to internal tools like Marketing Funnels and CRMs. You're limited only by what you can think up.

We replace every part of the full-code development stack with a no-code interface. Full custom HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is just a click away inside the studio at any moment.

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No Code Speed. Full Code Flexibility.

Variables Intro & Overview

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