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Discover a game-changing content creation strategy that combines ChatGPT with automation to generate articles! In this video, I'll walk you through my unique process using, Google Sheets, and WordPress.

I'll delve into the questions that where asked in the comment section of my previous video, being:
- Adding a unique tone of voice
- Creating lengthier articles
- Incorporating AI-generated images

Tools used: (affiliate link)
Google Sheets

Download the entire automation here:

The prompts I used:
Create a short SEO article outline on the topic with 7 headings. Don't include a conclusion. Use roman numerals for the headings. Only output the headings.

Writing the content:
Write a 500 word piece on only heading I in a conversational tone and in an engaging and friendly manner. Make sure not to have overlap with other headings. Output using HTML tags for formatting, starting after the body. Do not output the H1. Use formatting including headings, bold, UL/OL. Be sure to use accessible language and weave in authoritative advice, making the content both informative and enjoyable for the reader.

Update on ChatGPT automation. Write 4000 word articles on auto-pilot.

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