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This tutorial is for people that want to build a Membership site using Webflow, Memberstack, and Xano. Specifically, Webflow for their front-end (Website or app), Memberstack to restrict access and sign up users, and Xano to store data and pass it to Webflow based on Membership level.

This specific video covers how you can easily get Memberstack and Webflow to work together and then use Xano as your Database and API to serve up specific content based on a users's membership level.

This is an updated tutorial and snippet for the WMX stack that adds functionality for Memberstack v2, as well as an example of how to handle authentication.

00:00 Intro
00:50 Memberstack v1
01:35 v1 - Webflow Setup
02:53 v1 - Xano APIs
09:25 Memberstack v2
10:49 v2 - Xano APIs
13:50 v1 - Installing the Snippet
20:39 v2 - Installing the Snippet
24:50 Migrating Existing Members
26:34 Outro

Use the Snippet to import the pre-built WMX logic into your Xano workspace:

WMX (Memberstack v1) Example Project with Custom Code:

WMX (Memberstack v2) Example Project with Custom Code:

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The WMX Stack | Building a Memberships Site with Webflow, Memberstack, & Xano

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