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Here are the latest AI tools that are taking the internet by storm. First, Perplexity Pages allows you to create curated knowledge pages from AI powered internet searches, potentially disrupting blogs and wikis. Then, I explore ViewStats, MrBeast's tool that reveals top YouTube video insights and lets you A/B test thumbnails based on what's working for major creators. Finally, I check out the newest AI music generators from Suno and Udio, which offer longer song generation, more lyrical control, and the ability to generate music from any sound input - changing how we create audio.

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YouTube videos mentioned:

0:00 Intro
0:05 Perplexity Pages
0:30 How to Create a Page on Perplexity
2:24 Sharing Your Expertise with Perplexity Pages
4:01 New Tool from MrBeast
4:33 ViewStats Free Features
5:48 New ViewStats Pro
6:09 Using ViewStats to Research Thumbnails
7:34 Creating a YouTube Thumbnail with AI
8:51 Other ViewStats Pro Feature
10:21 AI Music - Suno v3.5 Updates
10:51 Suno v3.5 Song Example
11:30 Making Suno Songs Public
11:48 Make a Sound from ANY Sound
12:07 Udio-130 Model Updates
12:28 Udio Song Example Using Udio-130
12:54 Udio Allows You to Follow Creators
13:05 Conclusion

Stunning AI Tools That Will Change The Internet!

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