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Welcome to a new series on how to automate your email workflows using MailerLite and Mailersend for your no-code business! This series aims to introduce you to these powerful tools and demonstrate their usefulness in automating your email marketing efforts.

In this introductory video, you will learn:

1. The difference between MailerLite and Mailersend and why I use both tools.
2. How to use these email marketing tools to run your no-code business.
3. The difference between a marketing campaign email and a transactional email.
4. The types of workflows you can create with both MailerLite and Mailersend.
5. A sneak peek into how I use these tools in my own business, the Unicorn Factory.

Throughout this series, we will dive deeper into each tool, exploring their unique features, and showcasing their capabilities. By the end of this course, you'll be proficient in using these tools, whether you are already running a no-code business or just starting out!

So, whether you're a veteran in the no-code business scene or a beginner eager to learn, this series is for you. Embark on your journey to email marketing mastery today!

Enroll in the course here:


The best way to reach out to me is via Twitter @FinlaysonConnor. If you have any specific questions about how to do things with any of the tools, please leave a comment on the video or on the channel.

No-Code Email Automation: An Introduction to MailerLite and Mailersend

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