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Load any data from any source into any target. This can be done in multiple different ways however Linx allows you to do it in a simple, organised and reliable way. Use Linx to:

Load data from a CSV
Load data from an Excel file
Load data from JSON
Load data from XML
Load data from any database

Load data toa CSV
Load data to an Excel file
Load data to JSON
Load data to XML
Load data to any database

We answer the following questions:
How to create data pipelines?
How to load data?
How to move data from one target to another?

We look at the different connectors that are available in Linx, and how you can use Linx to automate your data migrations, data movement and data engineering process.

Linx is a general-purpose, low-code platform for backends.

Developers use Linx to build, test, deploy and manage backend solutions such as APIs, integrations and automations.

Linx homepage:​​
Download Linx (Desktop IDE):

Twitter: @LinxCode

#data #dataengineering #integration #software #development

Load Any Source to Any Target | Data

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