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Welcome to our in-depth video guide on mastering the Layouts functionality in Backendless UI Builder! This overview is designed to help both beginners and experienced developers understand and effectively use the Layouts feature to streamline their web and mobile app development process.

🔹 What You'll Learn:

* Introduction to Layouts: Discover what Layouts are and the pivotal role they play in creating a consistent structure for your web and mobile apps.

* Benefits of Using Layouts: Learn how Layouts can significantly boost your productivity by allowing you to configure a common structure for all app pages, ensuring a cohesive user experience.

* Creating a Layout: Walk through the process of creating a new layout, starting with choosing a predefined template or creating one from scratch.

* Layout Customization: Get insights into customizing your layout, including adding and modifying components and tailoring the UI and logic to fit your app’s needs.

* Assigning Layouts to Pages: Understand how to assign your created layouts to different pages within your app and see how they seamlessly integrate.

* Layout Data Model: Explore the unique data model of Layouts, which enables passing contextual information between pages and dynamically altering layout elements based on user interaction.

🔹 Who Should Watch:
* App developers seeking to improve their UI building process in Backendless.

* UI/UX designers looking to understand the technical aspects of app layouts.

* Project managers and decision-makers planning to implement Backendless in their development stack.

🔹 Additional Resources:
* Documentation -

* Support forum -

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Harness the full potential of the Backendless UI Builder with our comprehensive guide to the Layouts functionality. Let's enhance your app development journey together!

Introducing UI Builder Layouts

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