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Learn how to connect your SQL databases, including PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server, and MariaDB, to Softr. Discover how to link your SQL data sources, set conditional filters, and manage database access without advanced technical skills. Ideal for scaling your applications and combining multiple data sources seamlessly. Join us for a detailed walkthrough and start building powerful apps on top of your real-time SQL data.

00:00 Introduction to Softr's New SQL Database Integrations
00:30 Setting Up Your Internal Customer Management Tool
00:55 Integrating MySQL with Softr: Step-by-Step Guide
01:32 Advanced Permissions and Data Filtering
02:09 Scaling and Combining Data Sources
02:24 Empowering Your Team with Softr
02:39 Conclusion and Next Steps

Please, note that the feature is only available for Professional and Business users.
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Introducing SQL for Softr ๐Ÿš€ PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server, and MariaDB

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