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App Builders

With our debut version of the AI App Generator, you can easily create various business applications to meet common industry demands:
• Client portals
• Internal tools: CRM, Company Intranet, Inventory Management, Vendor Management
• Directories
• Membership platforms

Your app, shaped by your prompt and built on the Softr platform, would encompass:
✅ AI-generated designs, themes, and copy.
✅ AI-generated data in Google Spreadsheets (soon Airtable)
✅ Business logic & user-friendly design
✅ User roles & CRUD actions, and more!

We're beyond excited to amplify the app development process, providing you with an unparalleled advantage through AI.

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Softr is a platform used by over 100.000 teams, that enables everyone to build solutions for their business, without the need for development resources or writing a single line of code.

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Introducing Softr's AI app generator: The next leap in no-code app creation

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