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First video of a range of Integromat instructional videos on how to automate certain tasks like social media management.

In this video we're automating "quotes" to Instagram and Telegram by the use of Bannerbear in Integromat and it's supporting social media modules:

00:00 Introduction to Integromat & Bannerbear
00:43 Google Sheets "Watch rows" module
03:14 Bannerbear modules
05:41 Router module
05:57 Instagram module
06:35 Telegram module
07:18 Create and automate a quote post
08:05 Debugging an error
09:20 Adding a delay with the Sleep tool module
10:30 2nd and 3rd attempt to run the scenario
13:10 Scheduling a large number of posts
13:36 Other use cases
15:38 Subscription and pricing info
16:45 Ending

► Sign up to Integromat here:
► Sign up to Bannerbear here:

► Cool preset template examples:\_example

Linkedin profile page:

Integromat tutorial on how to use Bannerbear's module to post quotes to Instagram and Telegram

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