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This beginner Integromat tutorial will show you how to build your first Integromat scenario to automate a simple workflow using Zoom and Gmail.

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We'll explain key Integromat terms like: Modules (Triggers and Actions), Module Settings, Routers, Filters, and (of course!) how to troubleshoot a beginner Integromat automation.

Here are the timestamps so you can jump to a key moment:
00:00 - Introduction
00:45 - What is Integromat and why should you use it?
02:32 - What tools can I integrate with Integromat?
03:14 - Creating a (free!) Integromat account
03:42 - Example Integromat scenario: automatically send completed Zoom recordings to attendees
06:28 - Connecting your Zoom account
08:17 - Automatically sending information from Zoom to Gmail
09:53 - Using dynamic data to keep your process simple
13:14 - Setting your automation schedule (or, how often do we want this automation to run?)
13:58 - Testing your new Integromat scenario
16:32 - Formatting date, and other advanced formatting options
19:58 - Congratulations! You now have a completed Integromat scenario!
21:20 - Adding filters in your workflow
21:54 - Quick Recap

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Integromat Tutorial for Beginners: Build Scenarios EASILY

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