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You've mastered the basics of Zapier and leveled up your automation skills with Zapier 102. You've built Zaps that take the busywork out of your day. The words "data formatting," though, might still make you a little nervous. But don't worry—Zapier's no-code platform makes it easy!

In our Intro to Formatter: Text, dates, and times webinar, we'll demystify one of Zapier's most powerful tools: Formatter. You'll learn how Formatter can change text and modify dates and times—as well as how to use newly reformatted information in other Zaps. Plus, you'll see a live demo of real-world Zaps that use Formatter!

We'll cover how to:

- Replace, split, and shorten text
- Create default values
- Remove HTML tags
- Modify date and time values

How to use Zapier's Formatter: Text, dates and times

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