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This is the new Midjourney Website… Ready to be used by all 16.5 MILLION, of their discord users.

That is the biggest Discord server in the world.

The new Midjourney site will make creating YouTube Thumbnails, and Info-Graphics, and all forms of content significantly more efficient.

(I use it with Canva in the video)

They're rolling out a new website for some users now, and it'll be available for everyone within the next few weeks.

The site now includes:
- ⬛ A clean, aesthetic interface
- ⬛ Sliders for images size / stylization / weirdness
- ⬛ generating images significantly faster w/ one click re-runs and quick drag features
- ⬛ The ability to use and combine reference images easily straight from the explore page (So you can browse all the best images that OTHER PEOPLE create, drag them into reference images and generate images like those immdiately)

ADDING SOON: The capability to vary specific regions of an image, offering precise control over the final output.


How to use Midjourney's new Website | Every Feature

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