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What can you do when Zapier doesn't have an integration for your favourite tool? What if it is missing a crucial action or trigger? In this video, I go over how to read and use APIs (that don't have integrations with automation tools) even if you can't code. It will involve a bit of code though, but it will be fun.

This video is dedicated to Sam and Josh.


00:00 Overview
01:36 Use Case: Sending Multi Reference Items to Webflow
02:49 What are APIs docs?
04:33 Different methods to use the API
05:32 How to target records in the API
06:41 Sending data to the API
07:32 Headers
08:35 Pulling from an API in Parabola
10:50 Send data to an API with Parabola
12:25 What field types to use in APIs
13:43 Using Postman to see how API is structured
15:29 Using Postman to spot errors in your code
16:35 Practice reading APIs

How to use APIs (if you can't code)

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