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How to Understand Your Dashboard | Bright Data How-To Video | Proxy & Web Data Collection Tutorials

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Learn how to make full use of your Bright Data proxy management and data collection dashboard by watching this tutorial video. Gain usage insights and bandwidth stats to make the most of our platform.

Your Bright Data dashboard is divided into 3 sections :

First, notice the top two lines, where you’ll find general information about your account. You can see your status, what types of networks you have permissions for, and your usage in each network over the past month. You can also see the number of active zones you have. Finally, you can see your billing information like balance and amount spent this month.

The next section of the dashboard is Statistics . First you can choose the time period you are interested in - going back 1 month, 6 months, a year or more. You can also decide on the type of information you want to have presented: bandwidth, requests, etc. By hovering on the graph you can see the full information. On the right drop-down menu choose the ratio on the data. Use the checkboxes to choose the types of networks you want to have presented.

The 3rd section of the dashboard shows Proxy Manager statistics. Choose the relevant data and you will see below a list of the sites that were used, the bandwidth and the number of requests for that site. You can also choose to view the port number. // Subscribe to our channel:

Bright Data Ltd is the world’s #1 web data platform. Fortune 500 companies, academic institutions, and small businesses all rely on Bright Data’s solutions to retrieve crucial public web data in the most efficient, reliable, and flexible way, so they can research, monitor, analyze data, and make better decisions.

Our platform is used worldwide by 15,000+ customers in nearly every industry. Our users love us because we provide them with a cost-effective way to perform fast and stable public web data collection at scale, effortless conversion of unstructured data into structured data, and superior customer experience, while being fully transparent and compliant.

We believe that making public web data easily accessible is essential to keeping markets openly competitive, benefiting all of us.

Tap into the power of public web data with our best-in-class solutions:

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