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In this video, we're going to show you an example of how to migrate your Adalo collections to your Xano database. We will use the Adalo API to call our data and import it into Xano.

00:00 Intro / The Date Night Demo App
01:03 The Migration Method(s)
02:40 Relational Data
05:56 Creating the tables in Xano
12:23 Migrating Via APIs - Categories
14:00 Building the API - Getting the Data
19:02 Building the API - The Results
21:50 Building the API - Add Record
25:38 Building the API - Images
29:00 Building the API - Demo Run
29:46 Migrating the Users
33:15 Migrating the Dates
33:58 Incoming Record Limits
42:35 Adding Data Relationships
47:58 Migrating the Users (Continued)
50:36 Outro

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How To Migrate Data from Adalo to Xano

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