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How to Design a Portfolio Website Without Code (Part 5)

Learn how to design a portfolio website without code. In part 5, you’ll learn how to optimize your site for smaller screens.
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As a professional web designer, it’s good to have a portfolio that shows your work. But how do you build a portfolio website, especially if you don’t want to code? Today, Brad Hussey, a web designer, teaches you how to design a beautiful portfolio website in Editor X and make that a reality without any coding. That’s right, in this complete Editor X tutorial, you’ll be learning about how you can use Editor X to start building a website from start to finish with no code! You’ll learn how to build a website fast from a mockup design to a functional and responsive website. In this last part of our series, we’ll use the different device breakpoints and create an Editor X mobile design and tablet design for our portfolio website.

Designing a website fast can be difficult and stressful with traditional coding, but a website builder like Editor X makes it so much easier and manageable. This is a step-by-step website design with Editor X tutorial. If you’re new to using Editor X, this is the perfect starting point for understanding the Editor X website designing workflow. I’ll be covering best practices for mobile friendly web design, through all the Editor X responsive design tools. Know any great Editor X or web design tips that we didn’t cover in today’s Editor X website building tutorial? Share in the comments below!

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New to the channel? My name’s Brad Hussey. I'm a web designer and I’ve partnered with Editor X to create an inspiring, educational, and world-class YouTube channel and community for professional web designers and design agencies who are mastering the art, business, and craft of web design. On this channel, I’ll show you how to build websites with little code. I’ll also cover topics like, choosing fonts for web design, layout design for websites, and tons of Editor X tips and tricks videos and guides to get you started on your website creation process.

Learn how to make responsive websites and join us every week for new web designer tutorials, Editor X videos, livestreams, and challenges.

0:00 How to Design a Portfolio Website Without Code (Part 5)
0:45 Tablet Responsive Design in Editor X
11:18 Mobile Responsive Design in Editor X

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