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This video is a Complete Chatbot Tutorial on How to Build AI Chatbots for Beginners. I show you how to build custom no-code AI chatbots in this complete AI chatbot tutorial. I cover absolutely everything you need to know to become a chatbot developer or how to sell AI chatbots to businesses as an AI Automation Agency.

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0:00 - Intro
6:56 - The AI Opportunity Explained
23:23 - Types of Chatbots
31:39 - Top Softwares
38:09 - Key Concepts
1:12:48 - Building Chatbots LIVE
1:33:28 - Chatbot #1 - Customer Support
2:15:46 - Chatbot #2 - Whatsapp Staff Training
2:38:52 - Chatbot #3 - Lead Generation
3:11:47 - How to Sell Chatbots to Businesses

In this video I teach you how to make custom knowledge chatbots, how knowledge bases work, what vector databases are, how to fine tune chatbots, how to make chatbots with Chatbase, how to make chatbots with DanteAI, how to make chatbots with CodyAI, how to make chatbots with Voiceflow. I also cover how to use with chatbots to create AI lead generation chatbots, AI customer support chatbots, AI staff training whatsapp chatbots and more. Everything you need to know about how to build AI chatbots is in this video!

About Me ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿผ
Hi! My name is Liam Ottley and Iโ€™m an AI developer and entrepreneur, founder of my own AI development company: Morningside AI ( Youโ€™ve found my YouTube channel where I help other entrepreneurโ€™s wrap their heads around AI with tutorials on how to get started with building AI apps!

With developments in AI moving so fast, Iโ€™m constantly working on my own projects and those of clients and sharing my learnings with my viewers 2-3x per week.

I donโ€™t have anything to sell you, my only hope is that one day some of you will learn enough from my videos to see an exciting opportunity in the AI space and want to work with my development company to make it a reality.

How to Build Chatbots | Complete AI Chatbot Tutorial for Beginners

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