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Learn how to create a fully functional CRM (Customer Relationship Management) app without writing a single line of code. In this video, we will walk you through the process of building a custom CRM app using Glide's no-code template. With this app, you can efficiently manage your customer information, assign relationship managers, and keep track of existing contracts, all in one convenient platform.

Through a simple 5-step process, we will guide you from starting with a template to customizing the app to match your brand. We will demonstrate how to import your own data, add advanced features such as Kanban boards and calendars, and integrate with tools like Docusign, Gmail, and Microsoft Outlook without coding.

You will also discover how to personalize the app's user interface, set user permissions, and ensure the security of your company's data. Glide's responsive interface means your app will seamlessly work across mobile, desktop, and tablets automatically, without any additional effort.

The possibilities don't end there. You can expand your digital toolkit by creating interconnected systems, such as customer portals, inventory management systems, and knowledge hubs for your team.

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How to build a custom CRM with NoCode | Glide Apps Tutorial

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