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In this video, you’ll learn how to build a custom CRM like Salesforce, all without having to write a single line of code 🤯

Utilizing’s no-code platform, it explains the exact design and workflows you’ll need to replicate to bring your app to life.

✍️ You can access the working Notion doc and create a duplicate from this template:


🚀 Interested in the full course? 🚀

Ready to save months having to build your app from scratch? If you'd like to uncover the full tutorial, you can purchase the complete course here:

🔥 The full course covers: 🔥

1. Getting started with Bubble
2. Configuring your Salesforce database
3. Registering new user accounts
4. Building a login page
5. Building a user settings page
6. Inviting users to a sales team
7. Managing team members
8. Building the main CRM page
9. Creating a new customer
10. Filtering CRM data
11. Building the customer profile page
12. Editing customer details
13. Deleting a customer
14. Building a navigation menu
15. Building a customer activity log
16. Building a custom sales dashboard
17. Finishing up


👨‍💻 About me 👨‍💻

In 2020, I worked directly with the Bubble team to write their 'How-to build' blog series. Each installment shared written instructions on how to recreate popular products using their no-code tool. To simplify the building process, I've created my own video series to help guide you in a more engaging way.

Note: This video series has no direct affiliation with Bubble themselves. This is something I've created on my own.


⏱ Timeline ⏱
00:00 - Salesforce clone product demo
03:31 - Course overview
04:56 - Setting up your database
39:14 - Building the CRM page
1:13:48 - Creating new customers
1:35:16 - Creating a CRM filter
1:54:19 - Building a customer profile page
2:19:35 - Additional insights

How To Build A CRM Like Salesforce With No-Code Using Bubble (2023 Flexbox)

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