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In this video, I demonstrate how you can develop your ideas using knowledge graphs and built-in GPT-4 AI. I'm using an example of "heart rate variability" as I'm currently working on an app and a wearable device that provides advanced insight into this health metric.

The core of the approach is to use the AI for inspiration, instead of having it write content for you. The "Idea generation" app in #infranodus will suggest you begin by writing an idea you want to develop. It will then suggest some more ideas for you to get going. You can add some of the to the knowledge graph and once there are a few, InfraNodus will address the structural gap in your thinking and propose a new research question that can link the topics you did not link yet together in a new way.

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0:00 Introduction
0:28 "Generate a new idea" app
1:20 How to process AI content
2:12 Using the knowledge graph to generate AI ideas
3:50 Make your own AI query
4:28 Elaborating an AI-generated idea
6:02 A big difference from using ChatGPT
7:23 "Human in the loop" AI
9:24 How to check if you're missing anything from your ideation process
10:30 Using the graph as a map to navigate your thinking process
15:42 Reveal non-obvious: slice off the knowns to get to the unknowns
18:11 Finding structural gaps in your thinking


If you're interested in the topic itself and want to learn more about HRV and its relation to sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, please, read this article on our website (which is inspired by this tutorial:

How to Brainstorm better than ChatGPT with Knowledge Graphs and GPT 4 | InfraNodus Tutorial

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