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In this video I am showing you how you can create a daily podcast with less than 5 mins input from you each day. My podcast has received nearly a thousand downloads with ZERO promotion.

The first thing you need to do is SUBSCRIBE to my channel: - if you would like me to help you set this up - I am available for limited number of one on one coaching sessions each month (link in the shopping tab!)

👉️ Special Offer - 1 Month PRO for Free with my link:
👉️ ElevenLabs -

Key Video Moments:

0:00 Video Start
0:30 Step 1: set up
9:15 Script automation in action
12:15 How to make and episode
19:20 How to publish the episode
23:40 Full automation in action
25:00 Subscribe and let us know how you will be using this automation!

ChatGPT Prompts I have used:

1. Write Script prompt:
You are to write a podcast script from the article posted. It should be a monologue in news style format in 3rd person (talking about the story from a journalistic perspective). It should be only three sentences maximum, short and to the point. Don't include any websites in the script. No introduction and no outro. No notes in brackets or any directions. ONLY THE SCRIPT.

2. Write Title prompt:
Create a short podcast title based on the news stories in this content. Include company names where possible. Don't surround the title with quotes. Use absolutely NO quotation marks.

3. Write Description prompt:
Create a short podcast description based on the content. Include short summaries on each news story included without going into detail. The podcast is called "AI News Today". Don't surround it with quotes.


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Hi there! I'm Mike Russell from Music Radio Creative. I am an Adobe Certified Professional and my aim is to teach you the secrets you need to know to create better-sounding audio with the use of various techniques. From Adobe Audition tips and tricks

How I Automated My Daily Podcast with AI

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