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Do you want to know how Google Sheets and GPT can make easy propts with one zap? Then this easy zap tutorial is for you!

Zapier is a no-code automation tool that empowers you to create automated workflows called Zaps, which send your information from one app to another, across 5,000+ apps. You can create your own Zap from scratch without any coding knowledge, but we also offer quick templates to get you started.

Spend less time on busy work and more time focused on what matters most. Get started with Zapier for free at:

No need to worry about security. Zapier uses industry standards for encryption and safety. The link to more information regarding Zapier's Safety and Trust Page can be found here:

Subscribe to the Zapier Academy YouTube channel so you don't miss other important tutorials and integrations:

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How Google Sheets and GPT Can Make Easy Prompts with One Zap

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