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Blake Emal stands out as a true visionary in the world of web copy services. With his company, Pagetear, he has transformed traditional copywriting into a revolutionary productized service. Watch to learn more about how he did it.
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Blake recently launched and is scaling his new web copy businesses, and he shares his invaluable insights on how to get clients for your product and the art of productizing your business. In today’s video Blake demonstrates how he turned his exceptional copywriting skills into a thriving productized web copy service. By launching his own business, Blake not only found financial independence but also discovered the key to providing web copy for agencies with unparalleled efficiency and quality.

One of the secrets to Blake's triumph is his understanding of running a subscription-based service business. He reveals valuable strategies on how to run a subscription service business successfully, offering a subscription-based web copy service that caters to the diverse needs of clients. Through this video, you'll learn the art of productizing your web copy business, gaining insights on how to transform your skills into a scalable and profitable venture.

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New to the channel? My name’s Brad Hussey. I'm a web designer and I’ve partnered with Editor X to create an inspiring, educational, and world-class YouTube channel and community for professional web designers and design agencies who are mastering the art, business, and craft of web design. On this channel, I’ll show you how to build websites with little code. I’ll also cover topics like, choosing fonts for web design, layout design for websites, and tons of Editor X tips and tricks videos and guides to get you started on your website creation process.

Learn how to make responsive websites and join us every week for new web designer tutorials, Editor X videos, livestreams, and challenges.

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He Turned His Copywriting Skills Into a Productized Service | Blake Emal of Pagetear

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