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0:00 Intro
2:57 Google Service Account Configuration
6:05 Access Token From Google Service Account
7:05 Google Sheets API: Get Spreadsheet
14:03 Google Sheets API: Field Mask
16:46 Subpath
18:33 Filter Empty Rows
19:47 Create JSON Object
23:50 Add Record: Mapping Fields
25:00 Handling Empty Cells: Set Conditional
28:48 Handling Empty Cells Alternative: For Each Loop/Conditional/Update Variable
31:32 Add Record: Import Spreadsheet Data to Xano Database
33:56 Dealing with Large Data and Background Tasks
35:23 Add or Edit Record: Update Existing Data or Add New Data
39:00 Summary

This robust tutorial covers an example of calling the Google Sheets API to import spreadsheet data to your Xano database. Not all spreadsheets are created equal so there is no one-size fits all solution when using Google Sheets API. Depending on your spreadsheet, you may require different business logic than what is provided in the tutorial. However, this tutorial and Snippet can be a foundation for adapting to your specific use case and nuances.

Xano - The Scalable No Code Backend

Snippet - Install it to your Xano project

Xano Google Service Account Snippet

Google Sheets API Documentation

Google OAuth API Scopes

Sample Leads CSV from Github


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Google Sheets API: Import Data to Xano

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