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Glide's newest column, the QUERY Column, is a game-changer! Now you can create conditional relations without any complicated setup. This video showcases how to add the Query column to your Team Folder and walks you through a few examples.

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00:00 - Intro
01:07 - Enable Query Column
01:25 - Adding a Query Column
01:57 - A Note About Query Columns
02:37 - Example 1 - Query Users Based on a Condition
04:01 - Rollup a Query
04:39 - Example 2 - Query Records Based on Min and Max Thresholds
06:32 - The Powerful This Row Filter
08:47 - Example 3 - Querying Dates
09:58 - Query Table vs. Query Relation
14:29 - Example 4 - Query and Display Priorty Tasks

Glide Query Column Replaces DOZENS of Computed Columns

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