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There’s an impressive new Editor X plugin that will take your design from Figma to Editor X in seconds.
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If you use Figma to design mockups for your web design clients, you might be looking for a way to speed up your Editor X workflow. Well, I’ve got good news. Editor X has recently released a new plugin where you can upload Figma designs to Editor X. No more dragging and dropping things from Figma to Editor X, copying values over, copying color codes and fonts over. With a few clicks, you can speed up your Editor X design process and easily move Figma designs to Editor X and then start tweaking and finalizing.

While this impressive Editor X plugin (Figma to Editor X plugin) does get the job done, I do have to warn you, it’s currently still in beta. You might run into some bugs while using this plugin, and that’s expected when something isn’t fully released yet and polished. This video aims to show you how to upload Figma designs to Editor X with this new plugin, overtime, the bugs will get resolved. Check out the plugin in the Figma community, and search for Editor X or figma2x to start and upload Figma file to Editor X.

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New to the channel? My name’s Brad Hussey. I'm a web designer and I’ve partnered with Editor X to create an inspiring, educational, and world-class YouTube channel and community for professional web designers and design agencies who are mastering the art, business, and craft of web design. On this channel, I’ll show you how to build websites with little code. I’ll also cover topics like, choosing fonts for web design, layout design for websites, and tons of Editor X tips and tricks videos and guides to get you started on your website creation process.

Learn how to make responsive websites and join us every week for new web designer tutorials, Editor X videos, livestreams, and challenges.

0:00 From Figma to Editor X in Seconds
1:37 Figma Mockup Being Converted to Editor X
3:52 New Editor X Plugin: Figma2X
6:12 The Imported Figma File in Editor X
8:47 Tweaking the Editor X Design

#Figma #EditorX #WebDesign

From Figma to Editor X in Seconds | New Editor X Plugin

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