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Check out Part 1 here:

Welcome back to the next in an ongoing CRM build tutorial series using Xano and UIFlow! In this video, Lachlan from Xano and Matt from UIFlow continue building out the CRM we started last time.

They cover implementing JWT-based authentication in Xano, connecting the logins and session management between Xano and UIFlow, securing API endpoints by verifying JWTs, updating the frontend to pass the user's token for authenticated requests, and adding logout functionality to destroy the session.

By the end of this video, we have a secure CRM that can manage user logins and sessions across the backend API built with Xano and the frontend UI built in UIFlow. This CRM is starting to take shape!

There are more parts planned for this series where we'll continue adding core CRM features. Let us know in the comments if you have any suggestions for things to cover in upcoming parts of the series!

00:00 Intro
01:53 Authentication in Xano
06:04 Connecting Xano Authentication to UIFlow
11:10 Securing your Xano Endpoints
16:34 Updating the calls in UIFlow
21:56 Adding Log Out Functionality
24:55 Outro

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Building a CRM with Xano and @Uiflow | Session 2

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