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In this informative talk from Pritika Mehta, Co-Founder of Butternut AI, she discusses how AI is changing the way websites are built and the role of marketers and coders in this revolution.

Pritika introduces Butternut AI, a generative AI tool that allows users to build stunning websites in under 20 seconds using just prompts. She showcases the power of Butternut AI, demonstrating how the tool automatically generates website pages, incorporates intelligent design choices, and allows for customization. Pritika also shares the journey of Butternut AI, from its initial launch to its growth, and offers insights on how to leverage AI in today's market. Overall, this talk provides a comprehensive overview of Butternut AI and its impact on website development, emphasizing the opportunities and benefits that AI brings to both marketers and coders. #AI #WebsiteDevelopment #ButternutAI

Build a Stunning Website in 20 Seconds Using AI

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