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Learn the basics of building a custom IT help desk app without writing any code. Follow along as we build and publish a functional app in less than an hour by using Glide.

Join Andy Claremont, Glide's Head of Community, as we cover the fundamentals of:

- Using the Glide editor
- Setting up structured data
- Building responsive user interfaces
- Connecting data sources to layout components
- Creating custom action workflows
- Adding conditional logic and views
- Publishing and sharing your app with users


00:00 - Introduction
01:50 - Creating our data tables
09:00 - Setting up our layout
16:30 - Adding a custom action workflow
21:08 - Assigning tickets using relations
26:05 - Configuring our edit screens
29:36 - Creating a conditional action
31:27 - Creating conditional views
35:42 - Adding comments to tickets
42:15 - Reviewing our settings
45:18 - Publishing our app
47:16 - Wrapping up

Start building efficient, elegant apps for your team. Learn more and get started for free:

Build a custom IT help desk in under an hour | Glide Apps Tutorial | No Code

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