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In this video I show you how to take your No-Code game to the next level showing how to build a OpenAI Artificial Intelligence powered ChatGPT clone directly inside of an Airtable base, with no other software or no-code app needed!

I talk about why I think ChatGPT is the SINGLE greatest no-code tool ever created, and would love to here your thoughts on this in the comments section.

In future videos planned for this series we dive deeper into AI and OpenAI / ChatGPT for no-coders, and how to use APIs for No-Coders, so stay tuned. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

***Build Along With Me - Resources For This Tutorial Below***

1. You can get a copy of the Airtable base and the script as demonstrated in the video here:


No-Code Tools ๐Ÿ”ง used in this video:

1. - a database that looks and feels like a spreadsheet, but with all the power of a database plus automation tools and a deep network of integrations with other no-code tools: - probably needs no introduction, the leading artificial intelligence model opened to coders and no-coders alike for implementing LLM Artificial Intelligence into their own application builds.

We are in the process of developing our No-Code community & all resources accompanying this tutorial can be found inside our community, including an embedded copy of the airtable base shown in this tutorial! The first (๐Ÿ†) 400 members will have free access for life! Apply Here:

As always, thanks for watching and talk to you soon!

Build a ChatGPT Assistant in Airtable (without writing code)

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