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Have you been wanting to setup your own Chat bot, but not sure where to start?

Bildr & Xano have teamed up to create a fully operational template that gets you up and running.

Important resources in video. -
Start a New Project and Select the Bildr & Xano Template -
Get your Snippet templates at

With Bildr, you'll get a fully operational front-end you can customize however you want to create any experience you want.

With Xano, you'll get a customizable No-Code backend tool to run your User Auth and Backend Systems and connections to OpenAI.

Want to the quick info you need to setup the entire template start-to-finish?


00:00 Introduction

General App Overview
01:16 Layout of App Pages & Component Usage
02:48 Overview of Homepage & Flows
03:20 3rd Party Library Prettify Code Blocks

Authorization Flows & API Calls
04:59 Xano /auth/me Check API Call
06:16 Authorization Popups & API Calls
06:54 Xano Sign-up Flow & Action
08:39 Xano Login API Call & Flows
09:23 Demo of Sign-up Live & API Calls w/ Network Open
13:04 Client Side vs. Server Side API Action
15:04 After Sign-up / Login Flows

Get Info on User for Page
15:49 Get Xano Info on User API Call - User_Multi_Call
16:33 Conversations History - Live Network Demo / JSON / Binding To Page
18:47 Binding Data to Variables from API Call in Studio
19:36 Force Refresh for Invalid Token
21:30 User Dot "." Notation for Getting Values from JSON in Variables
23:20 Set Data Using Dot "." Notation / Custom Paths in Xano / APICalls
24:39 Demo of Using Custom Paths in Xano API Call

Conversation Menu Row
25:44 Conversation Name / Menu Row Page
26:12 Data Binding Variables on Row Pages Made via Repeating List
29:39 Importance of ID Variable on Records & Pages
30:28 Open Existing Conversation from Converation Name Row Page
33:57 Sending a Converation ID Variable & Record Context with Custom Mapping when Opening a Conversation Page into Container

Conversation Page
36:17 Opening the Conversation Page
37:27 Open a Brand New Conversation - ID variable is empty
38:33 Get User Prompts API Call - Custom & Global
39:13 Get Prompts API Call in Network & Setting Data into Page
39:47 Open Converation Page - ID is Known, Get Converation Messages API Call
40:48 Live Demo of Open Current Conversation API Call in Network Tab

Send a New Message from Text input Flows & Actions
42:11 Starting a New Conversation
42:56 Resizing TextArea Input Element Dynamically
44:38 Send New Message from Text Input
45:29 Set Variable newMessage & Custom Paths
47:03 Disable Elements to Prevent Duplicate Messages
47:28 Custom Thinking / Loading / Waiting Animation
48:04 Add newMessage to Current Messages on Screen - Merge or add data into Repeating List Manually
50:20 Start New Converation or Continue Existing Conversation on New Message
50:45 Open AI - Chat Conversations Info

Start a New Conversation from Prompt
51:30 Start a New Conversation - System Prompt
53:24 Start New Converation Bildr Action & Xano API Call
55:46 Live Demo with Network Calls on Page of Start New Conversation
01:02:45 Continue an Existing Conversation with a New Message
01:03:37 OpenAI System Message Potential Examples & Reasons
01:05:52 Continue Conversation API Call Overview
01:07:17 Live Demo of Continue Conversation with Network Call Open

Prompts Page Overview
01:08:38 Start a Conversation from Prompt
01:11:18 Reusing one Prompts Page in Two Different Ways
01:12:38 Seeing Dynamic Prompts Page in Action

Message Row Page Overview
01:13:19 Message Row Page Overview
01:14:05 Styling for a Users vs. Assistant Message
01:15:53 Data Binding the Message or Content Variable to Display on Page
01:16:23 Markdown vs. Text Element
01:16:55 Using 3rd Party Prettify Library for Code Blocks
01:19:37 Automatically Scroll to Most Recent Message
01:20:05 _arrayIndex Variables on Repeating List Pages
01:21:55 Get the Length() or Number of Objects/Pages in a Repeating List
01:24:05 Delete Message API Call

Messages System
01:24:38 Global Reusable Messages System

Create & Manage Prompts
01:26:44 Create & Manage Prompts
01:27:31 Opening up the page to Add a New Prompt
01:30:15 User Manage Prompts Page
01:30:59 Live Demo of Get User Prompts API Call
01:31:48 Open Current Prompt to Edit
01:32:22 Page Binding Data into Edit Prompts Page
01:33:02 Global Prompt Select Menu Setup with Boolean Values
01:34:35 Create or Edit a Prompt API Call
01:36:42 Live Demo in Network Calls of Create or Edit Prompt Flow
01:37:55 Summary of App Overview

Progressive Web App (PWA) Flows
01:38:14 Progressive Web App Overview & Install Page & Prompt
01:40:42 Closing Info

BildrBot w/ a Xano Backend Template - Complete walkthrough

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